Agile-focused Development

The IT industry is evolving at a rapid pace and to capitalise the opportunities, evolution is a must. The ability to transform and adapt to changes promptly is a critical differentiator as well as the foundation of gaining a competitive edge in today’s digital world. 

With agile development comes the unavoidable transformation. But, we ensure that any integration in maneuvered smoothly and without hindering the results. Agile can help align businesses become more responsive, flexible and competitive.

Web Design & Development

With an immense experience throughout the software development lifecycle, we have assisted a multitude of businesses in undertaking end-to-end custom web development projects as a full-stack digital service provider. We make sure all our designs adhere to latest CRO principles.

Mobile App

We develop native & hybrid apps that focus on market-driven approaches that empower businesses with a competitive edge. Our services are designed to leverage technologies like Cloud & AI along with Agile to help you attain your business & technical vision.

Creative Web Design UI/UX

With UI/UX web design & development, we deliver design-led experiences that are intuitive, seamless, user-friendly and specifically designed for your brand. Our designs don’t just look good. We make it work!

API Integration

We can aid you to connect your applications as well as all your in-house software and technologies by utilizing the immense degree of API customization. Integrate all the software that your business utilises, Thereby enabling a larger degree of customization as well as automation.

QL Tech was able to provide the whole package. I love the fact that QL tech is not satisfied with ‘that’ll do’, the number of times they decided something could be done better and then did it, or we made a slight suggestion and before you knew it, it was done - that’s just amazing.

Nichola Goom

Managing Director, YTB

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