Yii PHP Framework Development

Yii is a PHP framework for developing large-scale Web applications rapidly. It makes reusability to reach its maximum while  Web programming which speeds up your Web application development process. Yii greatly enables to develop a variety of responsive themes showcasing theme-specific controls of web pages.

yii Framework

Our Capabilities

Our team of programmers are always committed to offering the most powerful Agile focussed development solutions according to clients’ needs.

Yii Migration Solutions

Now it’s a lot easier to migrate between Yii platforms with the help of our remarkable Yii Migration Solutions.

3rd Party App Integration

Incorporate Yii development services with any third-party APIs using Yii Framework Development solutions.

Yii Cms Development

At QL Tech we deliver powerful Yii Framework which is highly effective and performs based.

Yii Ecommerce Solution

In the competitive market of Shopping Cart Development, our proficient developers are delivering dedicated services with seamless checkout and payment.

Theme Design & Integration

It’s time for your business to deck up your eCommerce website with our customised & captivating Yii themes that suit your values.


How Ql Tech’s Yii framework development services bring multiple benefits!

Easy To Use

We bring out the best outcomes with the Yii framework as it is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use as it is based on the MVC pattern. This demarcates a clear distinction between presentation, rules and logic as a web application.

Quick & Fast

In comparison to other PHP web applications, Yii is considered a faster web application. Our Agile focussed developers use this attribute to build the websites at a rapid scale. 

Completely Secure

Our developers start off with a stronger & secure platform for your PHP applications in order to commence their work.

Performance Optimized

Irrespective of the size of your project, our team can handle it as Yii is highly performance-optimized. Yii framework has been created under the consideration of enterprise and sophisticated app requirements.

Yes, the framework is Great, but the Implementation of Yii framework is not easy even though it is the most developed form of the framework at the moment. Experts are required to assist you with what needs to be done. Don’t you worry we are here to make this convenient for you.

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Easy to Install Cutting EDGE Technology Scalable Component Design Test Framework Integration Fast Coding Increase Performance Reliable Log Generation Background Theming

Yii 2 is a PHP framework used for developing modern web applications: Easy to install Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern Utilizes Modern Technologies Highly Extensible Caching Features Unit testing framework Simplifies Security

Yii Framework Easy configuration Easy on your pocket Highly secure Growth friendly Support and updates

Download the latest version / most stable Extract at your most comfortable path (e.g. c:\framework) Register the path where your php.exe resides at Window Environment Variables (e.g C:\Wamp2.4\bin\php\php5.4.16) Logoff from windows to take effect To create an application in windows, click Start->Run then key in cmd at the console environment type this based on the given example “c:\framework\yiic web app wamp2.4\www\name_of_the_application”

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