The entire marketing & sales funnel, starting from identifying leads to closing deals is highly complex and difficult to execute successfully. The main reasons for this are the lack of communication between different departments and customer info. is scattered across different platforms.

If your business is facing similar challenges then Freshsales CRM  from Freshworks is the answer to your prayers. The CRM empowers your teams with  AI-based lead scoring, built-in phone, email, activity recorder and a unified dashboard where all the customer’s data can be viewed.

What makes Freshsales CRM different?

While many CRM companies in the market pitch for their customer experience(CX) or customer data platform(CPB) as it neatly blends with their sales/marketing/support offerings. Freshsales approach is noteworthy as it mainly focuses towards singular master customer record, unified across Freshworks platforms.

All their team including sales, customer support, and marketing apps feed into that constantly-updated master customer record. With Freshsales CRM,  you can have a solid database with a complete, real-time view of the customer.


Benefits fo Freshsales!!

  • The CRM seamlessly blends with your office work environment with its high integration capabilities. Connect with a host of apps. Such as Xero, Zapier, Hubspot and more.
  • Create well-crafted personalized emails in well-designed templates and automatically send them in context with user’s actions
  • Connect the CRM with your cellphone to manage and close deals on the go. Get all the deal’s data on your phone and you can update the CRM from the phone as well.
  • With intelligent workflows, you can easily manage manual and repetitive business processes.
  • Get granular insights from Freshsales customised reports to help you make real-time decisions and grow your business.

All that Freshsales offers

  • The CRM updates and showcases all the information on a lead in a single profile this includes conversations, deals (open, won or lost), touchpoints with your company. Based on these it automatically assigns a lead score i.e. how close is the lead towards doing business with your brand.
  • Drag & drop the deals into any stage of your sales pipeline to give your teams a clear picture on which deals to pursue on a day to day basis. Freshsale provides the time taken to close each deal to optimise your reps’ performance.
  •  Freshsales’ event tracking technology scores & segment the leads based on website and application activity that empowers your teams to be better prepared while approaching the leads.
  • With the built-in phone powered widget Freshcaller, your teams can place calls to the prospects & leads from the CRM itself. You can eliminate the issue of having repetitive conversations as your reps can refer to the call logs, call notes and call recordings from previous call records.
  • Send highly personalised emails from the CRM and track their level of engagement with the receivers. In case your teams also send emails with other email clients, you can easily integrate those with Freshsales using the 2-way email sync feature.
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