Reimagining user experience for Unstoppable You

How our digital marketing funnels, along with CRM consultation and development services, streamlined patient communication.

Unstoppable-you’s business model comprises of multiple weekly sessions, Therefore the patients are required to stay throughout the programme and experience its full effects. 

With careful planning, we came up with a SOSTAC strategy to configure their customer life cycle with the help of highly segmented persona-based nurturing campaigns at every stage of their buyer’s journey for personalised communication. 

Moreover, we optimised the way online appointments were made and digitised all the physical documents like forms & brochures, thus improving user experience & work efficiency & save costs.


Unstoppable You, needed to fully utilise the full potential of their CRM for optimal targeting & personalisation.

  • Compelling and highly personalised communication was needed to nurture leads in opting for the program.
  • Repetitive and manual tasks consuming a lot of staff’s time.
  • Lack of customer engagement with the brand along the entire client lifecycle.
  • Due to the expensive nature of the program, effective communication strategy and automation was crucial to its success.
  • UY is an expensive product and built mostly for corporates which is why it was crucial to win customer’s trust.


We started with planning and strategizing the buyer’s journey for entrepreneurs and career-driven individuals, by initiating the e-mail sequences at the lead entry points and continuing all the way to delighting the customers with after service.

  • We covered the entire client’s marketing life cycle so that every action taken from the user’s end receives a personalised automated response from the CRM. 
  • Implementing attracting tactics such as trip-wire and lead magnet to ensure consistent engagement with the brand.


Co-ordinated efforts of CRM consulting & development, Digital marketing brought remarkable changes in the partner’s business.

  • By automating the client’s entire marketing life cycle delivered consistent and continuous service throughout the program without any manual intervention.
  • Through personalized follow-ups & nurturing via Keap/Infusionsoft, we were able to address the issue of patients dropping out in between the sessions. The automated review and feedback sequences greatly helped in improving the customer experience. 
  • Segmented emails specific to the buyer’s journey ensured an increase in the open rate and reduction in the bounce rate.
  • Using the integrated marketing approach, we are able to ensure a positive experience for the customers, with each and every interaction with the brand.

At present, Unstoppable You is at its best track in terms of customer relationship and continuously scaling ROI. If you find your business somewhere in a similar situation, simply contact us as we’d love to help you out. 


The Unstoppable You program unlocks your hidden potential and helps in overcoming internal and external challenges, achieve your most important life goals to live a life of abundance and happiness.

Industry: Healthcare

Platforms: Keap/Infusionsoft CRM, PHPCliniko

Services: CRM, Analytics & Reporting

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