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Have you tried to enhance your lead generation process, but having trouble achieving your sales targets? Well, it is the right time to leap into the future of customer relationship management with Zoho services!!

Zoho CRM plus effectively manage your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory activities, and more. The system enables you to automate critical elements within your business, such as sales, email marketing, and eCommerce specifications.

The CRM constantly works on enhancing your marketing strategies, marketing designs, customer feedback loops, and Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle by integrating the client life cycle within the CRM.


Boost your marketing lifestyle with ZOHO CRM

Zoho is a centralised customer experience platform that will help you deliver an outstanding experience to every customer across all stages of their buyer’s journey and transform them into brand advocates.

You can engage with customers across various mediums at each stage of the lifecycle. With ZOHO CRM services, you get the right context across different media and will remain notified in real-time and can handle conversations with multiple teams in one single thread.


Benefits of ZOHO Suits:

  • ZOHO CRM will allow you to automate essential sales operations.
  • It will provide you to access sensitive data in real-time.
  • You will get to makes the maximal use of social media platforms to increase customer engagement.
  • You can easily access to its panel from any smart device like mobile or tablet.
  • It is capable enough to get integrated with any Google Apps and Zoho suite.

Perks that you get with ZOHO

ZOHO Workflow Automation

Your business might already be equipped with automated tasks and workflows. When you receive a letter in the mail, someone opens it, or it gets delivered to the responsible party. When an order is processed, an invoice is generated and sent to the client.

Zoho CRM plus environment can be used to support well-organized custom module and button coding to increase the efficiency of your sales organization and ensuring that no leads, tasks, alerts, follow-ups or invoices fall through the cracks.

Sales Funnel

The most common scenario is, due to the lack of a stable funnel, most of the customers do not get converted into loyal consumers of the product or the brand.

Zoho CRM plus automates your sales funnel by incorporating the entire customer’s life cycle with the CRM itself so that customers are nurtured through each step of your marketing process. 

Email Marketing

By synchronizing Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns lets you manage a single, up-to-date version of contact and lead information.

This includes elements ranging from creating a perfect strategy for designing the most attractive email content according to the needs and aspirations of the business.

API Development

Create custom fields you need to segment your business, set up the custom modules to track any non-standard items. 

The CRM adds workflows to automate your business and create the reports and dashboards to help monitor your business. We can set up your users and define an effective system of security to control who sees what or who can do what.

Marketing Campaign

By using Zoho, create personalized and completely customizable marketing campaigns, complete with approach tactics as well as customer feedback loops. We tailor and design such campaigns to meet the requirements of your business or brand.

Customer feedback, follow-ups as well as overall customer targeting tactics that most businesses spend so much time and money on, can be completely automated using the Zoho technology. We can personalize your communications with your customer base, and increase your chances to capture lead by scheduling and completely automating your messages, triggers, and notifications.


You can use Zoho to create your own reporting parameters as well as for analytics and reporting tools, that are completely customized to suit the specific requirements that your business or brand might have.

Zoho API integration forms a part of eCommerce Hub, Marketing Hub, and the Cloud Elements CRM. Since API maintenance is managed by Zoho implementation, you can get the following inbuilt benefits:

  • Save a huge number of development hours
  • No need to spend heavy amounts on custom development
  • Manage and control your entire sales cycle with the help of standardized REST APIs.
  • Share contacts, email lists, leads, companies, inventory and other details across all of the cloud services you use.
  • Effortlessly connect Zoho with Finance & Help Desk Services through its pre-built and regular APIs.

Well, with all the immense customizability and convenience that the Zoho system provides your business with, it is bound to have significant costs. However, we place the opportunity for collaboration and collective growth at a much higher position than monetary gains.


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"QL Tech have recently helped Australian Sports Camps implement a fantastic new CRM and digital marketing system. I can't recommend them highly enough. It was a complex project that they worked tirelessly on, including weekends, to ensure our new system was operational in the shortest possible time and that the integrity of our data was enhanced. Their discovery process and ability to understand...Read More

Scott Taylor

Managing Director of Australian Sports Camps


The org admin and users can install extensions from Zoho Marketplace. If the admin installs an extension, it will be available for the entire organization. If a user installs an extension, then it will be available to everyone in the user’s team.

Zoho One offers more integrations than any suite in the industry. That isn’t to say that we have every integration ready to go. A good number of applications are pre-integrated, with more on the way. For the most part, you shouldn’t have to manually integrate apps. Not every company prefers to have integrations turned on by default, so there may be a few you have to enable.

Zoho One includes Zoho Creator, an application development platform that lets you create custom applications to meet your custom business needs. Over the last 10 years, 1.5 million custom business applications have been created by various users on this platform, including web and mobile apps. If you’re not comfortable building your own app, QL Tech has developers who can help you.

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