Australian Sports Camps Success Story

How our future-ready digital services delivered scalable & efficient processes for our partner.

ASC’s major challenge was that there was a slump in the annual growth and their profitability was plateauing. The main reason for the lack of growth was that the database was disorganised and the blanket approach of marketing through the CRM was ineffective.

Our CRM consulting services, Digital marketing along with Analytics & reporting empowered with SOSTAC strategy sessions, helped our partner growing their camp revenue and target prospective customers effectively. 


  • Although they were having Zoho CRM, the module’s design was lacking in providing useful business data insights due to multiple entries in their database, it needed restructuring of the custom modules to suit the business purpose
  • There was minimal growth in the number of bookings which caused a general plateauing in camp attendee’s year on year.
  • Lack of strategic tactics for increasing participants in specific camps that have lower than expected bookings.
  • ASC’s Facebook marketing campaigns were quite generic in terms of targeting prospects, therefore, they were unable to explore the full benefits of Facebook advertising.


  • Upon conducting the SOSTAC analysis it was inferred that the underlying unit of business is the individual camp. With the help of this approach, ASC can allocate their incurred costs per camp level and map all KPIs / key metrics against each camp in the custom reports.
  • We restructured their database into a modular design which is robust and scalable, the main challenge lied in modifying the architecture of  Zoho CRM into a user-friendly system which can be easily managed by the client in future.
  • Using the Zoho CRM and associated 3rd party apps for managing all stakeholder activities to ensure costs are attributed at a camp level for profitability analysis.
  • Reconfiguring Zoho to map all business activities with Google Adwords, Social channels and integrating Google Analytics, so that the CRM becomes the single point for all business insights.
  • By following the inbound methodology to promote individual seasonal camps and Building targeted Lead Nurturing campaigns for the prospects, ASC was able to provide value to the participants at each point of interaction of the customer lifecycle.
  • To increase conversion rates, we mapped out multiple marketing funnels for leading visitors and converting them into customers with the help of Zoho campaign automation. By segmenting the correct path in the funnels, the respective personas and the entire customer’s buying life cycle was inculcated within the Zoho CRM.


With the combined efforts CRM Consulting and development and our Analytics & Reporting Insights, the business can now gain real-time insights for the stakeholders:

  • Camp Profitability Analysis – Based on the concrete data derived results at an individual camp level, ASC can get strategic business insights on their expenditure on camps as well as the revenue being generated by the camp per season.
  • Reduction in manual effort in working with the database & e-mail marketing, therefore increasing the team’s overall efficiency.
  • Family Level analysis to understand family hierarchies along with the total and average purchase made by an individual family member in a specific time period in a specific time. With the help of this highly contextual data, ASC can launch ad campaigns at a family level, thus increasing the probability of bookings.
  • Customer Retention 
  • Identifying Potential Advertising Targets to tactically re-market for increasing specific camp attendance for a season.
  • Participants Breakdown by Age, Skills etc for camp grouping. This is about maximizing the participant experience from day 1 and getting the best coaching outcome for them.

With the help of our strategies, ASC was able to improve their ROI and business model. If you found this case study interesting and wish to experience a similar transformation, simply drop us a line.


ASC provides sports coaching programs for Australian children. They have a variety of camps, across the major capital cities of Australia, suited to players of all abilities, aged 4 – 16 years old.

Industry: Sports, eCommerce

Platforms: Zoho Suite

Services: Digital Transformation

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Before starting out with QL Tech our weariness level was quite high due to our experience the previous service provider. But what really got our attention was that guys at QL Tech were asking the right question from day one. We were impressed with the team’s holistic approach bringing our CRM systems in top shape. Keep up the good work!!

Scott Taylor

Director of ASC

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