One of the major challenges that small businesses face while managing customer relationships is their brand’s inability to understand the consumer’s perspective which affects their conversion rates and lead generation capabilities.

For most businesses, their precious and valuable asset is their customers. In the early days at a lot of businesses, the data about those customers – who they’re, how they’ve communicated with your brand – are spread out in different places.

As a business expands, it soon becomes necessary to have one convenient place where all of this data lives.


Manage your customers with Hubspot

You’ll be hard-pressed in finding anyone involved in digital marketing, who has not heard of Hubspot. Besides being one of the world’s leading marketing & sales company, Hubspot’s CRM automatically tracks customer interactions from emails, past purchases, social media engagements, and even the calls.

This enables the marketing teams to create a highly personalised experience for customers at every stage of their buyer’s journey. By utilising the CRM’s information the sales reps can connect with leads and efficiently close deals.


Benefits of Hubspot CRM:

  • Real-time email metrics like open rates and click-through rates.
  • Built-in activity stream with automatically sent notifications once the lead opens an email clicks a link or downloads the desired document.
  • Send emails, schedule tasks, and assign tasks to sales reps inside the CRM.
  • Closed-loop reporting panel between the marketing and sales team for funnel optimisation.

What you will get

Custom-tailored integration

With the help of our cloud-based solution, our team can build customised integrations as per your business requirements. To achieve our objective we start with an end to end analysis to fully understand your business process. This is done to determine all the data systems that need to be synchronised with the CRM. 

Sync your database for effective marketing

We will synchronise your business data with Hubspot CRM until you’re able to effectively segment. And market to your customers based on your synced data. Valuable insights like their assigned sales rep, customer status, and other key information synced to HubSpot can be used in lead scoring, workflows, content personalization, etc.

Email marketing

Hubspot provides us with the immense flexibility and functionality through. Which we can help you in creating some of the most powerful email marketing campaigns. In addition, we sincerely pay the required attention to the entire nitty-gritty details of your campaign.

This includes elements ranging from creating a perfect strategy for designing the most attractive email content according to the needs and aspirations of the business.

Closed-loop reporting

By syncing the customer’s dynamic status and opportunity data to HubSpot CRM. We’ll enable you to gain complete visibility over the entire sales & marketing pipeline. These include valuable insights such as opportunities generated with or without website leads and more.

You will be able to maximize your business’s marketing potential with the power of HubSpot’s Reporting Dashboards, smart list segmentation, and workflows.
Moreover, we provide our clients with the chance to hire any of our highly trained experts for the extent of their project, so that they can have a constant professional guardian at all times with Hubspot CRM services Perth. Contact Now

"QL Tech was able to provide the whole package. I love the fact that QL tech is not satisfied with ‘that’ll do’, the number of times they decided something could be done better and then did it, or we made a slight suggestion and before you knew it, it was done - that’s just amazing."

Nichola Goom

Managing Director, YTB

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