Brain Wellness Spa makes headway in driving patient care & productivity

How our digital marketing or conversion funnels, collaborated in streamlining patient communication, reduce costs & improving staff efficiency.

Brain Wellness Spa’s business model comprises of multiple weekly sessions. This was leading to patients dropping out in the middle without completing the program. Not only that their conversion rates were dropping due to lack of personalised communication.

With careful planning, we came up with a SOSTAC to reconfigure their customer life cycle by building highly segmented persona-based nurturing campaigns at every stage of their buyer’s journey

Moreover, we optimised the way online appointments were made and digitised all the physical documents like forms & brochures, thus improving user experience & work efficiency.


Brain Wellness Spa’s challenge was that they were not able to utilise the full potential of their CRM, was resulting in the lack of targeting & personalisation.

  • Due to the lack of personalization, the client’s CRM system used to send out e-mails to customers and prospects in a generalized manner.
  • The conversion rate was below the expected margin. The client needed targeted lead nurturing in order to fill in vacant seats for the sessions.
  • High drop-off rates of patients especially post 2nd & 3rd session.
  • Lack of customer engagement with the brand along the entire client lifecycle.


We started with planning and strategizing the buyer’s journey for multiple consumer personas, by initiating the e-mail sequences at the lead entry points and continuing all the way to delighting the customers with after service.

  • We covered the entire client’s marketing life cycle so that every action taken from the user’s end receives a personalised automated response from the CRM. 
  • Implementing attracting tactics such as trip-wire and lead magnet to ensure consistent engagement with the brand.
  • We streamlined the online booking form by adapting CRO principles to make it user-friendly, thereby expediting the conversion process.
  • In addition, we created a business-level reporting structure using Google Data Studio through which revenue generated from each campaign can be tracked.


Co-ordinated efforts of CRM consulting & development, Digital marketing and Analytic & reporting services brought remarkable changes in the partner’s business.

  • By automating the entire client’s marketing life cycle we are able to deliver consistent and continuous service throughout the program without any manual intervention.
  • Through personalized follow-ups & nurturing via Infusionsoft, we were able to address the issue of patients dropping out in between the sessions. The automated review and feedback sequences are continuously working and improving the reputation of the brand. 
  • Sending out segmented emails specific to the customer’s stage in the buyer’s journey ensured an increase in the open rate of the e-mails and reduction in the bounce rate by 60 percent.
  • Through automated reporting structure, we are able to figure high and low performing campaigns. Additionally, A/B testing was undertaken to improve upon the lagging campaigns.
  • Using the integrated marketing approach, we are able to ensure a positive experience for the customer with each and every interaction with the brand.

At present, Brain Wellness Spa is at its best track in terms of customer relationship and continuously scaling ROI. If you find your business somewhere in a similar situation, simply contact us as we’d love to help you out.


Brain Wellness Spa specializes in QNR (Quantum Neuro Recoding) therapy, a highly effective mental health treatment, has dramatically improved the lives of thousands of Australians.

Industry: Healthcare

Platforms: Keap / Infusionsoft

Services: CRM Consulting Development, Digital Marketing, Analytics & Reporting

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QL Tech have been instrumental in the growth of my business the Brain Wellness Spa. From automating our client emails & booklets to creating a dashboard for my staff, they have made the backend of the business run seamlessly. Recently, QL took on the mammoth project of creating an online membership portal for our clients. Throughout the entire three years of working with QL Tech they have been incredible to work with. Their ideas are great, their attitude is always positive and they get things done. I highly recommend QL Tech for anyone wanting to grow their business through automation.

Terri Bowman

Founder of Brain Wellness Spa

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