The latest innovation in modern dining: YUPIT App.

Exploring the potential of digital transformation in the Food industry. Revolutionising the way we dine-in & pick up using mobile apps.

YUPIT was started from scratch as we identified a gap in the market that needed to be explored. YUPIT wanted to reach B2B & B2C consumer base as both were required to drive the business model.

Needless to say, the project needed a significant focus of our digital transformation services. With careful planning, we came up with a SOSTAC strategy to configure the entire customer life cycle within the user’s smartphone, tablet & iPad apps. 

Based on the research (Deloitte Digital, Oracle, OpenTable), We tailored the product to create a market fit to drive loyalty, engagement, and retention. Let’s check out why users and venue would find YUPIT application appealing.


To achieve the business objective, YUPIT has to increase the number of apps. users as well as partner venues (Restaurants, bars, lounge, etc.) as both compliments each others growth.

From the Venue’s perspective

  •  To bring guests at the venue during off hours rather than just in the evening.
  • Lack of loyalty drivers to get repeat visits.
  • Fully utilise the staff as per their availability and real-time insights on the venue’s performance were required.

App. user’s perspective

  • Finding the venues most suited to their tastes.
  • Wish to enjoy a seamless dining experience without the hassles of dealing with the staff or waiting in queues.
  • Search for additional value out for every order they make at the venue.


We started with planning the buyer’s journey for multiple consumer personas within the app. By keeping the above challenges in mind, we implemented a number of strategies.

For App. users

  • We covered the entire client’s marketing life cycle so that every action taken from the user’s end receives a personalised automated response through CRM
  • End to end, user engagement starting from choosing a venue to dine in, to paying for the order from the application itself.
  • Every user pay for their order through YUPIT, they earn loyalty points which can be used while making payment for their next meal.

For partner venues

  • Offer a variety of personalised and targeted rewards:

       Hourly rewards: Time & item-specific offers to drive more customers during quiet hours.

       Delight rewards: Bring more guests through referrals.

       Loyalty rewards: Offers for repetitive visits.

       General rewards:  Great deals for customers. Eg. 50% off.

  • Our agile focussed services developed a partner app. Which lets them manage all the table bookings & order.
  • The partner app. Empowered our partner venues to get real-time insights on venue performance through notification and reporting metrics.
  • We Devised a robust revenue tool to highlight the potential increase in revenue for the partner venue by understanding the peak and off-peak hours for the business throughout the week. It identified areas of opportunities that can be targeted strategically using the YupIT app to amplify their business.


The strategy offered to both consumers and partner venues to create network effects that are self-reinforcing; more consumers are drawn to the platform due to the number of partners, which in turn attracts even more partners to the platform.  Scale drives leverage and long‑term profitability.

Although the App. has not been launched in the market as of yet. However, it has been tested twice in the real world and the proof of concept has been well received.

Using the revenue tool, we have been able to garner a lot of positive word of mouth from 50+ partners and onboard 4 partners.

We’ll keep you posted on the transformation that the YUPIT application brings within the food industry.


YUPIT operates in an app-based marketplace offering table booking, dine-out ordering, takeaway services along with a one-of-a-kind loyalty system to deliver the next generation user experience across all stages of customer interaction lifecycle.

Industry: Food, eCommerce, Social

Platforms: Zoho Suite

Services: Digital Transformation

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