Gone are the days when medical practitioners used to sit in their clinic and treat the patients, who happened to visit them by chance.

To achieve the objectives of providing the best patient care as well as growing their practice, practitioners need to readily embrace digital services.

These digital marketing innovations are helping the healthcare industries drive synergies in operational efficiency, cost reduction & optimising patient care.


Scope of digital services in the Healthcare industry

  • Workforce efficiency

A large chunk of routine activities like transferring lab reports, scheduling patients’ appointments, and compiling medical records and charts consume the staff’s timing.

Automation can efficiently boost the connection between nurses and patients. So, the nurses don’t need to spend all their time in admin activities. Hence, the staff can invest this saved time for patient care.

  • Better Patient Communication & Care

Automation helps patients to remain on track throughout their treatment. You can send your patients timely treatment reminders, health tips, precautionary measures, or any other dos and don’ts related to their ongoing treatments.

Even if the patient gets deviated, there are high chances of them coming back to track due to regular reminders. And hence, treatment outcomes will be quite close to your predictions.

  • Insights based on data rather than presumptions

Through properly integrated reporting systems & data-driven insights, you can get real-time data and continuous feedback. These two elements play a major role in growing the practice and process optimisation.

QL Tech has made some serious strides towards engagements involved emerging technologies. We worked with several clients struggling with their legacy mode and brought them to the digital era.


How QL Tech can help you?

  • Developing state-of-the-art websites/applications

Our Agile Focused Development services design apps & websites to achieve conversions through user intractability method. All our development capabilities are centralised around inbound methodology and customised as per your customer’s journey.

  • Streamline redundant tasks

Automate and scale your repetitive marketing tasks with the help of Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software. Our CRM consulting & development services focus on planning, execution, automation, and measurement of digital campaigns including entire setup and implementation of the user journey within the CRM.

  • Grow your Customer engagement

With the help of our Digital marketing services formulate distinct marketing plans, by leveraging social media, PPC ad campaigns, lead scoring, CRM integration, & content marketing skills to help achieve your sales goals. By integrating CRM in client engagement mail sequence we increase their satisfaction.

  • API integration

By bridging your legacy software and CRM marketing campaigns we can increase appointments, patients, and revenue. With this synchronisation, you can launch automated email campaigns based on patient’s behaviour, appointment time, booking habits, invoice requirement and much more. 

You can easily pass data back and forth between the two by using this bridge, our agile focussed development services ensure that your database stays up to date with client communication. There is a lot more to explore in the medical & healthcare industry.

"QL Tech have been instrumental in the growth of my business the Brain Wellness Spa. From automating our client emails & booklets to creating a dashboard for my staff, they have made the backend of the business run seamlessly. Recently, QL took on the mammoth project of creating an online membership portal for our clients. Throughout the entire three years of working with QL Tech they have b...Read More

Terri Bowman

Founder of Brain Wellness Spa

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