Gone are the days when customers used to be satisfied with robotic messages and cold emails. They are always on the lookout for brands they can relate with and understand their needs and concerns.

To provide that incredible personalised experience businesses need a CRM like ActiveCampaign to gain an edge in today’s immensely competitive market. 

ActiveCampaign Let’s you create highly contextual emails & message for your target audience and grow your business. The platform serves as an automated workhorse constantly striving towards empowering your marketing strategies, marketing designs, customer feedback loops, and more.


Transform your customer experience with ActiveCampaign CRM

With ActiveCampaign you can create an end-to-end marketing funnel that nurtures your prospects & customers in their buyer’s journey with your business. The CRM flawlessly segment the contacts and ensure all the emails reaches the right people at the right time.

Creating powerful emails is only the beginning, the platform creates a series of automated campaigns to ease your marketing efforts. Manage your pipelines, update engagements, and always follow up at the perfect moment with ActiveCampaign CRM.


Benefits of using ActiveCampaign

  • Implement precise targeting campaigns to find the right prospects and grow your audience
  • Grow your relationships by providing tailored guidance. Guide them in learning all your available products or services to address their needs.
  • Delight each customer by knowing what they want, when they want it through a highly organised database
  • Measure and optimise your marketing strategies by creating customizable, automated goals
  • Make connections by Answering questions, recommending products,  or ask for feedback at the exact moment that has the most impact

Get the best of CRM from us!

Sales Funnel

In most cases, the acquired leads seem to cool off as soon as they are discovered by your teams. The main reason could be the problem of not having a stable and well-maintained a marketing & sales funnel. 

ActiveCampaign CRM can automate your funnel so that customers are nurtured through each step in their buyer’s journey. ActiveCampaign CRM can aid you in getting your cold leads warm, and also helps you convert they easily and effectively.

Email Marketing

The platform provides us with the immense flexibility and functionality to help you in creating some of the most powerful email marketing campaigns. In addition, we sincerely pay the required attention to the entire nitty-gritty details of your campaign. This includes crucial aspects like creating a conversion-centric strategy for designing the attractive email content that meet the needs and aspirations of the business.

Shopping Carts And eCommerce

Create magnificent eCommerce designs and processes them through ActiveCampaign. These include sales-driven shopping carts as well as navigation systems that will facilitate in amplifying the overall efficiency of your eCommerce website.


With this platform, you can create highly customised reporting parameters for analytics and reporting tools, that are completely configurable to suit the specific requirements that your business or brand will have.

API Integration

ActiveCampaign integration forms a part of eCommerce Hub, Marketing Hub, and the Cloud Elements CRM. Since API maintenance is handled by ActiveCampaign, you can get the following inbuilt benefits:

  • Save a huge number of development hours
  • Economical & efficient custom development
  • Manage and control your entire sales cycle with the help of s APIs
  • Deliver contacts, email lists, leads, inventory and other features across cloud services.

As  ActiveCampaign CRM’s official partners we provide our clients with customizable payment options, such as paying for the entire service at the start or paying on a per hour basis. Moreover, we also give our clients the chance to hire any of our highly trained experts for the extent of their project, so that they can have a constant professional guardian at all times with ActiveCampaign CRM Perth. Contact us

QL Tech was able to provide the whole package. I love the fact that QL tech is not satisfied with ‘that’ll do’, the number of times they decided something could be done better and then did it, or we made a slight suggestion and before you knew it, it was done - that’s just amazing

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Managing Director, YTB

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