IT/OT & Mining

The mining industry is ever-growing and one of the most lucrative industries in the world. However, to reap maximum profits, businesses need real-time insights and embrace technological innovations wholeheartedly. 

This is where IT/OT convergence comes into the picture. It is the synchronization of information technology (IT) systems used in data-centric computing with operational technology (OT) systems used to monitor events, mining processes, and optimisation. 

IT/OT & Mining

Need for IT/OT convergence

Operations managers acknowledge that data resources such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that supports real-time decision making. This will create additional value if aligned with IT. While the IT teams require the support of the operations who manage the resources to achieve the organizational objective of improving the supply chain and minimise the downtime.

With IT/OT integration, organisations will be able to collect high-integrity simulation data of a machine’s physical assets and evaluate equipment’s field performance.


Applications of IT/OT in Mining

One of the leading applications of IT/ OT synchronisation is capturing the data from mining equipment and machines to monitor operators performance, deterioration, failure, and safety compliance.

  • Implementing data network across the ever-changing mining site’s topography by combining Ethernet and Wi-Fi network bridge with the traditional UHF or VHF radio systems onto a single device that can be mounted on vehicles. This unified network ensures consistent communication across the mining sites.
  • Integrating the IT communication infrastructure with operational functions such as environmental monitoring and safety systems that enable multiple mining systems to share the infrastructure. Multiple access points can be placed with cabled networks to survive equipment outages with minimal impact on mining support systems.
  • Applying the principles of IoT to technologies like GPS, operator input, OEM sensor data, and wireless technologies to optimise productivity.
  • Amplifying the efficiency of underperforming machines by utilising equipment health reporting and real-time equipment machine health diagnostics, automated alert systems for critical potential failures.

Our IT/OT offerings for mining industries

By the year 2020, about 50% of Operations technology providers will create key partnerships with Digital Transformation service. Providers like Us for IoT offerings.

  • Eliminating Unplanned Downtime

Predictive maintenance framework allows you to collect real-time data from the actual machines affected. You can monitor for any condition that might indicate a potential equipment failure, and schedule respective repairs during planned downtime. While also increasing the machine’s usage and drastically minimising it’s repair costs.

  • Deploying Wireless Technology

Implementing wireless across the plant to enable greater flexibility and adaptability for remote monitoring, assembly line changes, and quality. IT and operations can work together to successfully deploy wireless on the factory floor. And doing this will benefit both departments.

  • Enabling real-time decision making

Our IT/OT model enables Industrial resources enterprises with critical decision-making and risk management capabilities by enhancing visibility across processes & systems.

We utilise our rich project experience of IT/OT convergence in the resource industry to help enterprises realise the benefits of a holistic view of the organisation’s data, including improved safety, sustainability, and productivity.

Digital transformation of the mining industry can make a huge impact on the market and has a tremendous scope in terms of lean projects. Check out our services that will make it happen.

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