Microsoft’s Power BI

To succeed in any business, an accurate source is needed to display real-time data as per the current market scenario. However, analysing insights from different channels can be quite confusing. 

This is where Microsoft’s Power BI comes in.

Power BI is a state-of-the-art data visualization tool-set that fetches data with pinpoint accuracy. It offers unmatchable user experience with intuitive visualisation opportunities along with true self-service analytics.

Every aspect of the tool helps to display the same data from different angles. Power BI is known to be a robust tool for those who are looking to extract & convert data from multiple disparate sources to acquire real-time insights.

Power BI

Give your data a visual form!

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool that is based on cloud storage. It will empower you to analyze and view data through systemised visualisation and intuitive dashboards.

The majority of your critical database and applications stream in a single portal, where you can create, update, organize and share reports on any device. Empowered with real-time insights that provide you with a competitive edge.


Why choose Microsoft Power BI?

Excel Integration

Power BI offers an option to upload and view your data in Excel. You can select/filter/slice data in the tool’s dashboard and place it on Excel. Not only that, but you can also view the same data in tabular form in an Excel spreadsheet. 

Data Connectivity

With Power BI, you can import data from a wide range of data sources. It offers data connectivity to data files (such as XML, JSON), Microsoft Excel, SQL Server databases, cloud-based sources, online services such as Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. Also, Power BI can access Big Data sources directly.

Personal Gateway

With this application, you can use Power BI to authenticate data sources that are on-premise and outside the firewall. Once it verifies an on-premise data source, a cloud-hosted Power BI instance can use data from that data source.

Data Accessibility

It offers accessibility to data sources as well as the data sets while designing dashboards. All the data that you import from data sources and work with is stored in a centralized location. 


Benefit Of Power BI Implementation:

  • A new methodology to analyse market which allows you to extract and gather from various data sources with ease.
  • Optimal business metrics insights. Utilising the insights to develop business strategies which simplify manual tasks.
  • The Power BI dashboard will efficiently display all the insights in one place giving you 360* vision of the entire process.
  • It offers self-service data reporting for the quick business presentation.

Things in our bucket for you:

  • We’ll design & build customized reports & dashboards as per your specifications.
  • An API connection to your data sources will be created by our developers that will enable you to extract relevant data from the sources to create a holistic view of your business.
  • We’ll provide end-to-end guidance and technical support including Power BI’s best practices to bolster adoption.
  • Planning, designing & implementing complete Power BI based business solutions till the time it starts giving the desired results.

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