For successful business operations, segmentation of data sources is crucial. Most companies store their valuable data mainly in bulky spreadsheets that lack security. 

Although, these spreadsheets may be able to provide you with up-to-date market trends. But in long-term, data without a visual form can only spread confusion. Your data should reflect the viability of your products & services and visualised form of reporting can make it happen. 


Segmentation of data sources with Tableau

As a business owner, the greatest fear is losing the data & its sources or not utilising its full potential. Business intelligence approach contains strategies that give historical, current and predictive views of business operations. 

Tableau is the perfect business intelligence tool that can simplify all your challenges in data analysis.

Being one of the leading business intelligence tools, Tableau delivers innovative data visualisation solution that will help you gain actionable insights from your vast data centres.


Why choose Tableau?

Data Visualisation

Tableau is there to support data blending, complex computations and dashboarding for the purpose of creating elegant visualisations that deliver insights that cannot easily be extracted from a spreadsheet.

Integration with other scripting languages

To perform complex table calculations in Tableau, you can incorporate Python or R i.e., an open-source environment for statistical analysis. With the help of these scripts, you can take the load off the software by performing data cleansing tasks with packages. 

Responsive dashboard & Mobile Support

Tableau Dashboard has a great reporting feature which allows you to customise it for specific devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The tool automatically detects the device in which the user is viewing the report on and adapts the reporting parameters accordingly.


Benefits of Tableau:

  • Tableau will simplify your raw data in a better visual form.
  • It identifies current market trends.
  • Tableau highlights critical business challenges that need addressing.
  • The BI tool connects multiple data sources such as SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Google Analytics, BigQuery, Hadoop, Salesforce, Text/Excel/.CSV and more. 

Things in our bucket for you:

  • A holistic view of your current data & an accurate roadmap parallel with your analytical culture.
  • Robust dashboards, reports, embedded analytics, self-service & visual insights to drive greater data-driven decisions.
  • We will be your go-to navigator for better Tableau adoption in your work environment.
  • Our customised Tableau BI environment will not only identify the opportunities but it will display the critical business challenges.

We would love to help you use Tableau to manage your business further. Call us for more details.

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