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The eCommerce and online auctions industry consists of establishments that sell online merchandise. The internet is the main selling platform via either a retailer’s online store or an auction site. 

Due to the increasing popularity of online shopping and the ease of opening an online store, many new online retailers have entered the market, hence the overwhelming competition.

To effectively compete in this market, you’ll need to differentiate your brand from competitors using targeted marketing campaigns, interesting products and technological innovations.


Scope of digital marketing in eCommerce

  • Location-Specific Marketing

Prospective customers feel comfortable if they get offers from a nearby store. The Beacon technology allows your business to detect and connect with customers easily, then build a relationship with them using notifications, push messages, alerts or even distributing coupon etc which is a mainstream part of our Digital Transformation Services.

  • Personalisation at its Best

Did you know around 86% of consumers rely on personalisation while making online shopping decisions & about 73% prefer businesses that personalise their shopping experience? Digital Marketing Services make it happen through highly personalised and targeted communication.

  • Multi-channel approach

According to Nordstrom, customers having multichannel relationships with a business spend four times more than other customers. 

This is where digital technologies shine, empowering e-Commerce retail stores to reach the customers through a variety of mediums like social media, PPC, content marketing and more.


How QL Tech can help you?

  • Building safe, customisable website/app

Our Agile Focussed development teams expertise on e-Commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc. However, if you require a customised solution for your business we’re always ready to take on the challenge.

Not only that, all our development practices are focussed towards ensuring that your website will be safe, secure, adhering to the latest CRO principles. And equipped with a model which can be readily scaled with new features & functionalities.

  • Grow your customer engagement

We formulate Conversion centric marketing plans, by leveraging social media, targeted PPC ad campaigns, lead scoring, CRM integration, & Digital marketing services to help achieve your sales goals. 

By integrating CRM in customer engagement email sequences such as an abandoned cart, personalised offers, feedback emails, etc. We are able to increase revenue as well as customer satisfaction.

  • End-to-End Solutions

Our backend team is capable of handling all your e-Commerce requirements, be it adding product details or managing the payment gateways, We’ll manage it all.

Whether you wish to run loyalty programs, setting up your favourite integration. Or starting up promotional campaigns, No worries we’ve got you covered with our Digital Transformation services!!

  • Flawless Analytics & Reporting Services

The success or failure of a business depends on whether the right decisions were made at the right time. To do that you must be able to get crystal clear business insights at a moment’s notice. This is where reporting analytics come in.

We can help you use CRMs & Google Data Studio to create customised reporting parameters. That are completely customized to suit the specific requirements that your business or brand might have.

We drive some of the most successful ongoing transformations in eCommerce & retail industry with diverse uses of technology. To know more about our capabilities, visit our services.

"QL Tech was able to provide the whole package. I love the fact that QL tech is not satisfied with ‘that’ll do’, the number of times they decided something could be done better and then did it, or we made a slight suggestion and before you knew it, it was done - that’s just amazing."

Nichola Goom

Managing Director, YTB

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