In today’s competitive market, customers expectations have reached a whole different level. They want to engage with a business multiple platforms and expect the interactions to be starting off where it was left the last time.

To ensure this, businesses use multiple tools to collect customer’s data so that the interactions are contextual and up to date. However, the most frequent challenge they face is due to multiple tools so the customer’s data fails to get consolidated.

One of the fairly upcoming solutions to these challenges is the customer database platform(CDP). It is a software that combines multiple tools to create a consolidated database. This database can be segmented N numbers of times to launch numerous marketing campaigns. 


Amongst the Market leaders in CDP’s is the Segment CDP.

Business solutions using Segment CDP

The segment CDP has helped thousands of organisations collect, analyze, and get more out of their data. The data it consolidates can be easily customised that enables businesses to implement any marketing strategy they want.

The software easily consolidates first-party data i.e. data taken directly from customers and categorises it into useable databases for sharper analysis. Needless to say, any business that wishes to improve upon its customer relationships would find this software extremely useful.


Benefits of Segment CDP

  • Gives singular access point to multiple databases platforms to get complete information on customers.
  • Enable excellent product analytics, A/B testing, and data warehouse tools seamlessly.  
  • Easily integrates with all mobile app, web server and data warehouses using unified API.
  • Make sure all your teams and platforms are adhering to GDPR, CCA regulation in real-time.
  • Removes all the data redundancies by ensuring a piece of data is collected only once for cleaner code.

Things in Our Bucket for You

  • A complete customised Segment CDP based on your business marketing tactics & customer database.
  • Integration with the cloud community that allows you to create any web property for external business collaborations, social channels, customer services & much more.
  • We’ll offer comprehensive digital marketing services & consulting for all your business requirements.
  • Without a doubt, data security is always our priority as your business’s success is our success as well.
  • Extensive Customisation that lets your business analyse actionable data in real-time to make better business decisions & drive engagement.

Segment Customer Database Platform takes a while getting used to but given its endless possibilities in the marketing industry, it’s worth it. In case you need more information on CDP with regards to your business, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out


Our customers loves us

"QL Tech was able to provide the whole package. I love the fact that QL tech is not satisfied with ‘that’ll do’, the number of times they decided something could be done better and then did it, or we made a slight suggestion and before you knew it, it was done - that’s just amazing."

Nichola Goom

Managing Director, YTB


A ‘home-grown solution’ is usually a mixture of tools and processes revolving around a Data Warehouse. Therefore its functionalities do not include the targeting of marketing campaigns or better personalization of offers. Whereas A CDP like a Segment can accomplish all these tasks easily

Here is the criteria CDP follows for data management: ingest data from any source capture all the details of ingested data store ingested data indefinitely (subject to privacy constraints) create unified profiles of identified individuals share data with any system that needs it. In short, CDP does take steps to clean the data however it can only do so much in case of an error in data from the original source.

CDPs vary depending on the requirements of businesses, but they are mainly of three types: Soley data CDPs These CDPs are exclusively for advertisers who need a solitary perspective on their customers. Data and analytics CDPs This kind of CDP offers increasingly vigorous data visualisation includes just as pre-built reports to help further dissect the entirety of your data and better comprehend customer’s needs and challenges. Data, analytics, and engagement CDPs In case you are searching for a CDP that has the ability to execute cross-channel advertising efforts, this would be the correct choice for you.

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