Getting started with Boali Lodge's Digital transformation

We on our way to create a pragmatic SOSTAC strategy to drive our partnership with digital innovations.

The majority of Boali’s operational systems are based on MS Access which is responsible for their manual tasks and data mismanagement. They are looking for a holistic solution to upgrade their IT systems and an integrated system to manage all their processes like booking, price management and member portal. 

Although the project has not been completed yet, however, we have finished our SOSTAC consultation that proposes a full digital transformation by reconfiguring their system’s Architecture into a unified PMS system that manages all the data through the primary channel manager.

Stay Tuned for more updates…


Boali Lodge offers comfortable, spacious, bright, mountain accommodation all year round. Its friendly welcoming atmosphere attracts members and guests for weekends, special events and longer stays.

Industry: Tourism

Platforms: Zoho Suite

Services: Strategy & Consultation

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