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Retargeting converts first-time visitors into buyers. Generally, 2% of users convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98% for more business. It works by keeping track of the visitors on your site as well the action taken by them and displaying your contextual retargeting ads to them as they visit other websites online.

Our Capabilities

Our Digital marketing services deliver successful campaigns using targetted strategies, technical proficiency, precise messaging and compelling ad designs.

Lead Validation & Reporting

We listen to every phone call and go through all the forms submissions generated from your retargeting campaign – and then display them in real-time through an online dashboard. You’ll be able to review and take appropriate action on your leads while they are still hot. Not only that we are able to optimize your campaign off the validated leads instead of using basic conversion data. 

Strategic Campaign Management

Your retargeting campaign is coordinated from start to finish by one of our dedicated account manager who is experienced and adept at both strategy development and managing communication. This allows utmost transparency, continuous improvement and consistency.

Technical Expertise

Without the right lead tracking and campaign analytics, analysing which elements of the campaign are working and which are not is next to impossible. Our team of analysts and developers expertise in providing you with accurate data crucial to retarget successfully.


Why choose QL Tech to set up and execute your Retargetting campaigns?

Highly segmented

Retargeting is most effective when you segment your visitors (e.g., buyer persona, demographics, website behaviour) and We’ll tailor your retargeting ads shown to each group, or you can decide not to retarget them at all, this greatly reduces your retargeting costs

Always Inbound

While the number of platforms featuring advertising grows, The tightening regulation around 3rd party data makes traditional targeting t increasingly difficult and inaccurate. We overcome these challenges with our Inboubound methodology and contextual communication.

Actionable designs

Our in-house designers are adept in the principles of Web design and conversion rate optimization (CRO). We make sure that your ads are designed to not only turn heads but to inspire clicks.

Persuasive Copy

Retargeting ads to be equipped with a powerful message in a relatively small amount of space. Our team of copywriters work in collaboration with the designers to create the hard-hitting, action-oriented messaging that boosts conversion rates, leads and ROI.

Retargeting depends on identifying and tracking existing customers and website visitors. We create and display these ads to those customers when they visit other sites. We track the conversion rates to determine the ads and sites are delivering the best ROI – and optimise your retargeting ad and ad placements even further. If you want to equip your business with powerful retargeting capabilities contact us today.

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Google Ads remarketing is an online form of marketing. It is conducted through the Google Display Network. This enables advertisers to display ads while users are browsing the web. These ads are displayed to the users, who have previously visited the site.

* Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager and select Audiences * Click on Create Audience and select Custom Audiences * Select Website Traffic * Select your target audience from the drop-down menu * Anyone who visits your website * People who visit specific pages * People visiting specific web pages but not others * People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time * Custom combination * Get your pixel code and place it on your website

Whenever a new visitor lands up to your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. Afterward, when your cookies visitors browse the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to display ads, ensuring that your ads are displayed only to those people who have previously visited your site.

* Precise targeting * Increased reach of marketing * Better engagement * Differentiation from the competition * Increased conversions

Step 1. Get the Facebook Pixel Code Step 2. Install the Code Step 3. Activate the Facebook Conversion Pixel Plug-in Step 4. Use Facebook Pixel with Multiple Websites

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