Residential Settlements helping property owners with Digital innovation

Learn how we transformed Residential Settlements digitally to streamline processes through automation, drive efficiencies, improve digital & analytics capabilities.

Residential Settlements is a property settlement agency that helps customers to purchase and sell properties legally within Australia. Their major challenge was the legacy Settsplus software was unable to adapt to business requirements. 

Not only this, their reporting system was inaccurate. So, we came up with the SOSTAC framework to figure out the real pain as well as their solutions.


Residential Settlement’s major challenge was their standard settlements software was unable to fulfil the business requirements which was the reason for bad user experience.

  • Due to the fragile business setup, they do not have any sales pipeline as well as process automation.
  • Due to multiple CRM, the rate of duplicate data entry increased and became the reason of poor user experience.
  • The business was lacking in referrals and repeat the business process as the conversion rate was low.


With the help of SOSTAC, we came up with the strategies that meet their expectations:

  • Took multiple consultations sessions with Residential Settlement and mapped the entire customer as well as sales team lifecycle with all their touch-points.
  • To eradicate duplicate data entry issue, we pushed data from Setts Plus to PHP database. Further on we developed a PHP bridge to sync Setts Plus & Infusionsoft to automate the process and marketing. 
  • We build highly segmented and personalised quote campaigns according to user personas.


Here are the results of our efforts that have made a difference in our client’s business so far.

  • With the help SOSTAC framework, we integrated a solution that is capable of processing all the business activity through automated marketing.
  • Synchronizing Setts Plus with Infusionsoft through PHP bridge became the reason behind robust reporting for strategic business insights. 
  • Through personalised quote campaign created based on consumer personas in the increment of quote conversion rate.

We digitally transformed Residential Settlement to make them achieve their business goals. If you find yourself and your business at a similar stage then we are here to help you. Contact Us Today!


Residential Settlements specialises in property settlement & its security. They manage, mediate & consult over all the affairs regarding property settlement for thousands of Australians.

Industry: Real Estate

Platforms: Keap / Infusionsoft

Services: Strategy & Consultation, CRM Consulting & Development

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