How to Promote Business with YouTube Video Marketing?

If you ask any online marketer about the most trending online content, then you’ll get only one answer. The way of the future content consumption is through videos. And when it comes to video marketing then there is no better channel than Youtube.

In fact recent according to research statistics by Cisco almost all the internet traffic will be through videos. Which is why you should seriously consider using Youtube video marketing for the brand.

Having said that, Youtube marketing does come with its own challenges. As of today, there are over 50 million content creators of Youtube, producing videos on an almost daily basis. And secondly, people aren’t huge fans marketing while watching video on his channel. So if your video content becomes overly salesy then you will definitely lose quite a few subscribers.

If you are in the process of setting up your Youtube marketing channel or planning to optimise your Youtube then you are at the right place. In this article, we’re going to discuss various strategies you can apply to skyrocket your Youtube marketing and create a niche for your brand in this competitive arena.

So Here We Go with YouTube Marketing

Let’s kickoff with your Youtube account

1) Let’s Kick-Off With Your Youtube Account

While creating the youtube channel for your business it’s highly advised that you do that using a Google brand account. 

Starting off with the brand account has an advantage over the normal one as multiple authorised users can log in together.

Your brand’s Youtube channel has lots of elements that require monitoring so it would be better, that more than one of your resources coordinate with each other to run the channel. 

2) Find Out About Your Audience

It’s marketing 101 to find out as much as you can about the people you’re planning to market to. Now the question is how Youtube video marketing channel can help you out with this?

With the help of Youtube’s analytics tab, you can get valuable info. about your audience demographics and user behaviour. When we say user behaviour we mean data such as time spent on your channel, most visited videos, engagement rate etc.

Using this data you can determine which of your videos are resonating with the public and which are not. This is perfect for optimising your Youtube marketing channel.

You can also gain qualitative data about the user’s perspective by reading their comments and interacting with them from the comment section.

3) Do Not Forget To Check Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

As we mentioned before Youtube marketing has become extremely competitive. So if you wish you wish to pull ahead quickly then its time to roll up your sleeves and start researching your competitors are running their channel.

Browse your competition and make notes about their video that are doing great. These videos will help you greatly while formulating your own Youtube marketing strategy.

By analysing the keywords your competitors are using and implementing them in your video descriptions you can boost your Youtube video search ranking.

If your competitors are posting their video links in your video’s comment section then Youtube gives you the option to block them.

4) Try Teaming Up With Influencer

Influencers are like knowledge expert on one or more topics. And they have a huge fan following on social media channels.

Join these influencers and gradually build relations with them. So you can ask them to talk about your Youtube channel in one of their videos.

Some of the big influencers might charge you a certain amount for the mention. But your channel can gain a lot of traction from this activity.

5) Curate Your Channel

Now that you have done the necessary research now optimise your channel so that more and more audience would subscribe to your Youtube marketing channel.

Youtube video marketing

Here are some of the ways you can do that.

  • Use compelling thumbnails for your videos to attract the user’s attention.
  • Make sure that you have used appropriate keywords in your video title and description so that your videos gain in Youtube’s search ranking.
  • Create an exciting story for your brand’s description giving a clear message about your products or services as well as how your consumers will be benefited by them.
  • Compile similar video into sequential playlists so that users can easily find all the videos regarding the subject of their interest.

6) Schedule Your Posts

Don’t post your videos randomly rather publish them in a specific timely manner. So that your audience knows when to expect your videos.

Doing this manually can be tedious which is why it’s best practice to use scheduling tools like Buffer so that your videos would be posted automatically on the specified day and time. You can upload your YouTube videos in advance and cross-promote them on other social channels all from the same dashboard.


Videos are the future of consumption and you should start inculcating them in your business structure sooner rather than later. You can start with Youtube and then discover more channels as your video collection grows.

We hope you found our take on optimising you Youtube marketing useful and if you require any assistance in setting up or running your channel please feel free to contact us as a Youtube Marketing Agency and we would be happy to help you out.

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