Effective Pinterest Marketing Plan to drive traffic to your Content

As you are aware that social marketing has become the most crucial part of every business to attract and engage customers. Which social platforms do you use for your business? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or maybe LinkedIn may have brought you some lucrative benefits. 

In case your business is more picturesque than the Pinterest platform will add spice to your business’s social marketing.

If you’re still not convinced then here are some key Pinterest Marketing statistics.

  • Pinterest has 291 million active users every month.
  • 47% for millennials make the purchase on Pinterest.
  • There are more than 1.5 millions of business accounts on Pinterest and 75% of pins are saved from these business accounts.
  • 60% of marketers believe that their leads and traffic increased by 28% through their Pinterest business account.

If your business’s social marketing is lacking behind in engaging your audience? Well, no worries as we are going to cover all the aspects to amplify your Pinterest social media marketing. 

1) Let’s Start With Your Brand’s Pinterest Business Account

Now, the best part of Pinterest is that you can easily convert your personal account into a business account. 

Well, creating a new Pinterest business account is quite a simple step. The integral section is your business bio that should be filled by appropriate keywords for your brand appearance.

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Let’s go further and take a look at how you can get started with the Pinterest business profile?

Profile Customisation

What is a profile? A profile is a brief description of a person or an organisation that clearly portrays their characteristics to the viewers. A profile plays an important role as its a face through which a person or a business is known for publicly. 

The best thing is that Pinterest is the only social platform in history that reached 10 million potential users rapidly in 2012. Any guess why? 

It is because of the flexibility in Pinterest profile customisation. Still not clear then go further!
  • Boards Modification

First things first! The initial attraction can be your Pinterest board cover that should be visually brand-centric. Customised boards look more interactive and provide pinners something better to explore. 

Try using your brand logo colours, fonts, and icons. With these elements, your audience can easily recognise your brand on other social platforms also.

  • Board Titles Alteration

Now the board titles! Being a marketer, we are quite aware that keywords play a  huge role in marketing. Same you have to do here while customising your Pinterest board title name. 

For better marketing results, you have to make SEO-friendly board titles that include product or service name of your brand. However, make sure that it remains short so that you get enough area for the board’s description to stick keywords.

You can take inspiration from our Pinterest business account that will provide you with an exact image of creating board titles.

  • Image optimisation

Images are the core of every Pinterest business account. That is why quality images are very important to be shown to your audience. Also, add those images which are optimal in size.

Below mentioned is the recommended image dimensions for Pinterest:

  • 2:3 – 1:3.5 is the image aspect ratio.
  • 600 pixels is the minimum width of the expanded pins.

Make sure to add at least one optimised image that exactly tells your audience what your blog is about.

2) It’s All About Your Website 

Your business website is the primary foundation of your brand’s visibility on Search Engines. So, make sure to keep things easier for your website visitors. Optimise your website in such a way that your visitors can easily pin your content and increase its visibility. 

Check out various simple ways to customise your Pinterest share button.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide additional information to your audience about your business services or products and help them in their buying decisions. All you need to do is simply enable them by integrating them into your website.

There are four types of Rich Pins that are mentioned below:

  •  Recipe Pin: From the name, it’s quite understood that it is related to cooking. Yes, If your business is somewhat related to cooking recipes than Recipe Pins will provide information like cooking time, ingredients and serving sizes.’
  • Product Pin: It’s the best way to increase the shopping experience of your customers. Product Pin allows you to provide real-time information of the product like price, availability and a place to buy your product.
  • App Pin: It’s an essential pin for those business owners who have their own e-commerce or any other service app. App Pin will allow people to install your app directly from your Pinterest marketing page to their smartphones. However, there is only one drawback, for now, App Pin is only available on iOS
  • Article Pin: With the help of Article Pin, your audience can easily save those stories that matter to them. This pin shows information like author, story description and headline.

In case, your business is involved with eCommerce industry then you really need to know about “Shop The Look Pins”.

Shop The Look Pins

To upgrade the shopping experience, Shop The Look pins are the best for your Pinterest business account. It’s a buyable pin that allows you to integrate your eCommerce store with your brand’s Pinterest marketing page.

With this buyable pin, your customers can directly purchase your product from your Pinterest business page. All they have to do is click on “Add to bag” button and then check out on the same page. 

This makes shopping easier and comfortable as your audience won’t have to leave your Pinterest page for this whole process.

3) Stay Active

Regular pinning should be scheduled at the appropriate period of time depending on when your audience is most active on social media. For more context, you can simply add descriptions as well as the hashtags to your Pinterest board pins.

For scheduling pins, you can use the following tool:


It is one of the best post scheduling tools for multiple social media platforms. Basically, Tailwind is the tool that a marketer requires to drive sales, traffic, and leads from their Pinterest business account. However, for Pinterest Tailwind hold an immense number of benefits.

  • It takes a lot of time to develop a pure content. And, for marketing, you will require bundles of content. Well, Tailwind allows you to overcome this challenge by offering a feature through which you can schedule other Pinterest user’s post for the desired time period. 
  • Tailwind has its own analytics platform through which you can easily figure out your best performing content. Also, this way you can save your time because, with Tailwind analytics, you will know what type of content does your audience like.
  • Tailwind’s latest feature i.e., SmartLoop will allow you to automate your Pinterest marketing strategy. Through SmartLoop, you can automate pinning your content according to the season or any special event. It’s a unique feature that will make your Pinterest marketing easier.

There are many other essential features of Tailwind that you can explore here.

4) Work Analysis

After setting up your Pinterest business account, the only thing that is left is analysing your marketing tactics and optimising in accordance. Pinterest has its own analytic tool through which you can easily analyse your work. 

Pinterest’s analytics provides information regarding the best-performing pins as well as the unique post pinned from your brand’s website. Though, it’s up to you which analytics tool you want to use, either Pinterest’s analytics or Tailwind Insights?


Well, now you are quite aware of the best Pinterest marketing practices to drive traffic to your content. Not only content, but Pinterest marketing is quite beneficial for your business as it can bring you a good number of leads. The more you get leads, the more can achieve sales and the more you can generate profit for your business.

Also, While marketing with Pinterest media, make sure to create a good combination of SEO tactics and Pinterest marketing strategies. Because this is how you will create effective content.

Therefore, if you need more information regarding Pinterest marketing then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

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