Know the difference between Graphic designs and illustrations

Nowadays, the majority of consumers prefer their content in the picturesque form, This emerging trend has opened up a whole new world of career opportunities such as graphic designing and illustration artistry.

As more and more aspirants plan on becoming a part of these lucrative industries, most of them tend to face confusion between graphic designing and illustration. In case you are facing similar kind of challenges then the good news is that in this article we are going to discuss how you can make crystal clear distinction between the two fields. 

While there are similarities between graphic designs and illustration, these two creative fields have their own sets techniques, mediums and objectives. Graphic designs tend to be focussed towards commercial goals while illustrations tend to follow a more artistic path.

Now let’s dig in deeper into these two Graphic designs and illustrations disciplines:

All about graphic designs

Graphic design as an art form and profession applies visual aesthetics for problem resolution as well as projecting of ideas using typography, imagery and a multitude of colourful shades. A graphic design relaying a message to the target audience as directed by the. Marketing and branding strategies.

The variety of graphic design is wide-ranging in both the print and digital horizons. Some of the few examples that are predominant in physical print works are Posters, fliers, business cards, packaging, billboards, and logos. Whereas the digital hemisphere is dominated by email marketing and web designs.

Graphic design

Every Graphic design often starts off with the establishment of visual identity that relays a business’s personality, story and emotion through logos, typography, images, and styles to ensure consistency in branding.

Marketing tactics are traditionally focused on printed medius, like flyers, magazine and newspaper ads. The Publication designers are mostly involved in producing layouts, hand-pick typography and curating artwork for long-form projects, like books, magazines and catalogues. 

The internet has offered digital channels through which the graphic designers can effectively showcase brand awareness. Which is great for enhancing the business’s reach. User interface and experience (UI/UX) designers are driven towards providing enriching & seamless interactions between users and a variety of apps, websites and games. Let’s not forget about the lucrative genre of motion graphics designs are mainly applied in online media, TV, GIFs, web banners and presentations.

Each and every Graphic designer has at least one design specialization most of the time. But due to the dynamic nature of the industry, they must be flexible. This field requirer constant up-gradation of skills along with consistent research on the latest art styles and techniques. Contact Best graphic design company in Perth.

All About illustrations!!

Illustrations provide a visual way to portray or define a written text. They help in elaborating an idea or relay a story. They also come in a myriad of forms that are either traditional and digital. So let’s talk about some of these forms:

Drawing in black-and-white shades is one of the most popular styles of illustration. Pencil drawings can give soft lines and sharp edges as effects. Drawings with ink beautifully showcase contrast, whereas charcoal drawings create dramatic shadows which is great while illustrating stories. There’s also a technique called Lithography, which revolves around drawing-meets-printmaking


Illustrative paintings using watercolour, gouache and acrylic evoke a general feeling of softness and femininity. Gouache paints due to their rich properties are often used by commercial artists in posters and comics. Etchings technique is also applied by artists who work with metallic illustrations.

Illustrations are commonly used in published media like magazines, books, posters, and brochures. They give unique freedom to artists to portray their art without words and communicate their ideas through powerful storytelling. The finer expressions on characters’ help illustrations portray deeper emotions as well as connections connection.


Both illustrative artistry and graphic designing are excellent fields for those with a creative mindset. However, you have to give it a good thought on which field would suit your artistic inclinations more.

We hope you found our take on graphic design vs illustration helpful. And if you require more clarification on these, simply drop us a line. We’ll get back to you in no time.

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