Best SEO tips for 2022

The first thought that comes to our minds when we consider a business’s online presence is how well they are doing in terms of search ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role when it comes to influencing that.

We all know that Google’s algorithm for evaluating websites constantly evolves. This is why we need in response to these changes SEO activities need to keep adapting as well. So Search engine optimization (SEO) can keep being a valuable, affordable investment for brands and help grow their revenue.

In case you are wondering how SEO has changed this year, then you are at the right place as we going to share our SEP tips for 2022 in this article.

Let’s get started, shall we!!


Key activities to pay close attention to for SEO in 2022

1) Focus on your page experience

Focus on your page experience

With Google’s Page Experience update, the technical performance of your web pages will play a key role in Search engine optimization (SEO) success in 2022.

Google analyses the technical experience of your web page in these primary areas:

  • Mobile-Usability: Pages should load quickly and be responsive on mobile devices
  • Core Web Vitals: This includes the largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shift, and First Input Delay. Strong Core Web Vitals indicates a high-performing web page.
  • Security: Google favours pages using HTTPS protocols and provides a safe and secure browsing experience

To analyse your Core Web Vitals, use PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, or Google Search Console. 

2) Inculcate AI solutions in your SEO strategy

Inculcate AI solutions in your SEO strategy

AI solutions can help solve some of marketing’s biggest challenges such as Personalisation, large-scale content creation, and analysing large amounts of data.

Bringing AI into your SEO arsenal can be essential to growing faster and outranking your competitors. Some of the top SEO tools utilise AI, NLP, and machine learning technology to give web pages more ranking potential.

3) Execute more link-building campaigns

Execute more link-building campaigns

Even in 2022 quality content is becoming still more powerful, Google’s top ranking factor still remains the number of unique referring domains pointing to your website. Establishing backlinks with other websites is an essential part of Search engine optimization (SEO) and still is one of the best ways to see elevate SERPs.

Seeking reputable websites in your industry to collaborate with, provide thought leadership to, or earn press coverage to move the needle on your site authority.

4) Boost your SEO analytics

Boost your SEO analytics

There is no way to improve your SEO if you don’t have a complete picture of your current keyword rankings. Google Search Console is one of the best tools available for determining which keywords are driving the most traffic.

You can use the tool to identify any web pages with high impressions but low organic traffic. This usually indicates that Google is showcasing the content for lots of searchers, but your ranking position is not high enough to earn actual clicks.


It may feel like SEO is changing over and over, however, the basic concepts do not. We need to keep updating in order to keep gaining a competitive edge online. In case you need any help with managing your SEO please feel free to contact us anytime.


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