How to build on-demand service apps?

Given the recent socially distanced lifestyle due to COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding new ways of getting things done such as procuring goods & services online. And when it comes to managing supplies & demands online there is no better medium than on-demand service apps.

It’s all about safety guys and this is the main reason that on-demand service apps are popular amongst users. Be it ordering dog walking services or a pizza or even a repairman, everything can be done from the comfort of your home.

This is why on-demand service apps have become bread & butter businesses. If fact we don’t know what to say if you are still adamant about doing business from the brick & mortar store alone except, how huge of a consumer base you’re missing out on.

Now, creating an app is one thing and having an app that brings business from customers is another. Your on-demand service app must have the right features that simplify user-interface while highlighting everything that your brand has to offer. In this blog, we are going to discuss just that.

So let’s get down to it, shall we…

Highly Secure and Scalable

It is nearly impossible to determine whether any particular mobile app is secure or not. Any entrepreneur will want to keep its business’s data safe and secure while ensuring customer’s confidentiality. While choosing your customised mobile solutions, you can make sure that your app data will remain safe. 

Unlimited business opportunities

To make the best use of your app. you must have a database which shows tabular information about your users right from their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, interests, preferences or whatever that empowers your interactions. This amount of varied data can let you do many things:

  • Optimise your business practices through data analysis.
  • Enticing the audience towards any upcoming sales or offers.
  • Build ‘business-customer’ relationship to personalised communication.
  • Boost your conversion rates. 


Going for a cheaper solution now will only have you end up spending more in the long-term. Rather opt-in for a ready-to-use solution which will give results in the form of increased ROI for your business. 

There might be an initial cost for the on-demand app development solution but it will greatly help you provide more value to your customers and stay flexible.

These are just a few of the benefits of On-Demand app. Now let’s discuss some of the key functionalities your Application must-have.

1. For the Customer app feature

  • Push notification

Notifications are a major aspect of any On-Demand service App. They let the users know about the status of their ordered product or service or even the special offers available.

  • Real-time tracking

This feature lets the app users track down the location of their order or service in real-time. Hence, ensuring a fast and efficient service to the customer.

  • Help and support

An integrated Help & Support Interface assists your customers in case of common queries. It boosts customer service by resolving their problems and takes the load off your customer service reps.

  • Payment system

Payment is one of the most key elements of any On-Demand Service app. By making sure that your payment system is streamlined, secure and reliable. Ensuring multiple payment options are highly recommended for user convenience.

  • Favourites

Lets the customers save their favourite service provider or product for quick reference. It helps them to sort them out quickly and saves their time searching all over again.

  • Reviews and ratings

It shows the customers that your brand cares. Recording and highlighting user experience serve as feedback for the service providers.

2. Service provider app features

Since the user side of the app is sorted out its time to decide features that help in managing internal operations so that you can provide the best possible service to your customers. 

  • Order alert

With this functionality, the service providers receive notifications whenever a user accesses their service or product.

  • Accepting & rejecting requests

Gives the service providers the final authority on whether to accept or reject a request within a given time period so that they can set fair expectations.

  • Adhering to schedules

This functionality gives the service provider the flexibility to manage the schedules of their work hours. They can customise their work schedules and start working within that period.

3. Admin app

  • Unified Dashboard

Your business’s On-Demand app will be incomplete if it lacks a readily accessible and customisable Admin Dashboard that can easily navigate to all the sections of operations.

  • User Management

Using the Admin portal you can manage all customer’s activities such as payments, discounts, cancellation charges and resolving any customer escalated query.

Analytics provides key metrics such as no. of services availed, cancelled and repeated. This functionality also shows real-time key metrics that let you make quick business decisions.

Analytics is the backbone of your business as it acquires critical insights that help you avoid all the bottlenecks and to optimise your services.


As we mentioned before about given the current global circumstances, your on-demand service app. Will determine the rise & fall of your business in future. Which why it is crucial to make your application as robust as possible.

Developing a powerful app requires considerable planning and effort which why it is highly recommended to get your app. Developed by hard-core on-line app development agency. Please let us know in case you require any help in your app Development.

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