Why Should Brands Invest In behavioural Research for Effective Marketing

This post is by guest author, Junaid Ali Qureshi. This article has been edited and published with the author’s permission.

The term behavioural research might be relatively unknown to many people in the advertising sector but what if I told you it has the ability to improve the outcome of your marketing strategies, sometimes by even tenfold, if executed to precision.

As the name implies, behavioural research is a research section that focuses on finding what variables can have a direct or indirect effect on an individual’s habits.

These can help a marketing campaign better communicate their message to the consumers. For those still unconvinced on the benefits of behavioural research, read on as we list a number of benefits.

You Can Make Your Company Seem More Trustworthy

People are more in favour of conducting business with a company they deem to be trustable and are familiar with. By understanding the behavioural patterns and habits, you can market your company or your product in a manner that pulls at the consumer’s emotional strings.

An emotional connection will ensure that consumers keep coming back to your company after the first time around. According to a study done by analysts, a marketing campaign that had a more emotional tone to it always outperformed generic campaigns that were not emotional. This was true in all aspects of marketing.

Allows Your Marketing Campaigns To Stand Out From Other Campaigns And Competitors

Humans stay on autopilot mode for large amounts of time. Whether it is in the bus on your way to work or driving for long periods of time, we generally do not pay attention to a familiar environment that we have become accustomed to, unless we come across something that is unfamiliar.

Things are no different when it comes to the general public. If you have a generic marketing campaign, then chances are that your consumers are not going to regard it either. In order to get them to notice you, you need to step out from the usual boring campaigns and come up with something powerful enough to draw their attention. This does not mean changing just the also message but can include things like changing where your campaign will be seen or how it will be made use of. All these aspects will be significantly easier when one has access to information about the consumer and their behavioural patterns.

It Helps You Center Your Company Around Your Consumers

To start with, extensive research into the consumer’s behavior and habits will allow you to centre the firm around the consumers. The majority, if not all, companies tend to get embroiled in internal issues, politics, focus more on other ventures and projects and so on.

When this happens, it is easy for a company to lose its way, head in a different direction and most importantly, lose touch with their customer base. Behavioural research allows you to stay on course and make serving your clients a priority.

The importance of meeting the expectations of consumers, understanding what is it that they want. And how exactly they want it cannot be stressed enough. For instance, if you wish to open an e-commerce site, it would be great if you can find behavioural patterns in your consumers. That can assist you in developing the site in a manner that fits their behaviour before you hire magneto developer. Or invest in a magneto development company.

You Can Project the Impression of A Popular Company

Crowds are always wary of a new or relatively unknown product in the market. If they feel that the company or product is new, they will think twice before buying it as opposed to buying a product from a long-standing company. If they are given the idea that the product is popular and often used, they are more likely to be interested in using it. This is again something that can not be done without extensive research into consumers’ behaviours.


Keeps You Future-Oriented and Ready for Sudden Changes

An age-old saying is that those who fail to change tend to be left behind in the cold, and in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving market, that is gospel. Behavioral research also allows you to better predict the future of the market.

It can give you an idea of where the market is heading and what trends are coming up. This is important because if a company fails to get on a trend or new market direction, they can quickly go obsolete, such is the industry today.

Future Oriented - effective marketing

A fine case in point is Nokia. With adequate research by your side, you can even anticipate sudden changes and act accordingly. Most importantly, the research data allows you to see the bigger picture and focus on long term results rather than short term results that can quickly make your company irrelevant and stunt the longevity of the business.

You Can Have More Detailed Marketing Campaigns

When you are armed with data on what consumers want and what they do not, you can put that in your marketing campaign and deliver something that is filled with details and information that show your customers that you understand them and perhaps most importantly, understand what they want and how they want it.

This can make a massive difference and will always stand out over a vague campaign that does not seem to know the customer’s needs. These details even have the potential to change behaviour and similar to the previous point above, helps you stand out apart from the crowd which generates more interest and attention in your product or company which is exactly what your campaign wants. The increased attention is invariably going to generate higher profits.

Greatly Enhances Your Decision Making Skills and Reduces the Level Of Risks

Knowing more about your customers and their habits will help you vastly when it comes to making important decisions. Behavioural research will give you a lot of meaningful information into your industry, your products and competition to name a few.

Having this wealth of information at your fingertips will make it easier for you to make important decisions with assurance and clarity. When you know how your consumers are likely to act towards your methods, it gives you more confidence to act out your strategies.

Talking about marketing strategies, this extra information makes it easier to brainstorm and develop better strategies that can directly target the consumer as well reduce the amount of risk that is associated with new ventures and plans.

Allows You to Pursue Better Opportunities

Furthermore, knowing what your consumers like and what they do not allows you to separate lucrative opportunities from other opportunities that are not doing as well. When operating a business, it is usual to get confused when deciding which path will deliver the best profits. Armed with information on your consumers, you can decipher this much easier than doing it without any information.

Better Opportunity-effective marketing

Not only is it easier, but it will also ensure that the task is more accurate. You can figure out what type of marketing campaign you should follow, which product you should market to which demographic and most importantly prioritize important tasks ahead of the others.

Anyone in the marketing field knows that the ability to multitask is of immense importance. At any given moment, a marketer could be juggling multiple tasks or multiple projects. When this happens, there is always the chance that one can miss the bigger picture or prioritize less important tasks over important ones. This problem can be avoided if one has the information that allows them to easily figure out where to focus their attention on.

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