What’s Next for Customer Data Platform in 2020?

The year 2020 might have been awful in so many ways from start to finish. But one thing is for sure, we have made great strides in the development of the latest innovation in digital marketing platforms that is the Customer Database Platform (CDP).

Every entrepreneur is trying to utilise this technology to gain an edge in the world of online marketing and customer service. Which is to be expected as the Customer Database Platform can really help in transforming both the aspects of the business.

But before we jump the gun talking about the latest trends in CDP, for those who a fairly new to the platform, we’ll discuss a little bit about CDP and what it can do?

So, let’s get cracking shall we…

About Customer Database Platform

In short, a CDP is a Digital marketing framework that helps present a centralised, diligent and individual perspective on the customer, consolidating data from numerous channels, platforms, and tools. 

Not only this the Customer Database Platform lets the data migrate to and fro between different customer data frameworks to streamline communications and oversee customer engagement.  The information it consolidates can be easily customized that enables businesses to implement contextual marketing strategies.

Some of its main features

1) Reporting via customized dashboards

CDPs display strong utility in terms of customisation. With real-time notification capabilities, This platform can auto-generate highly refined reports for end-to-end visualisation. Its unifies dashboards will permit you to choose what data that meets your specific business requirement.

2) Automation across channels 

The CDPs improve automated advertising capability by re-arranging rough data. The platform’s programming can execute cross-channel in a systematic and easy to visualise manner.

3) Multiple Integrations

Get a guaranteed stack of options to incorporate with other platforms, so you pick so you can have one focal database for the entirety of your customer data at your fingertips.

2020 trends for Customer Database Platform

Now the awaited news on what’s all been happening on the CDP front:

  • Vendors of applications are incentivised to add CDP capabilities to their systems because some clients want them. Individual CDPs are used for each system
  •  The client will be advised by not to keep a singular CDP as their primary database as it adds value to their product and makes clients less likely to switch to another system.
  • Comprehensive accuracy of the ‘identity graph’ in finding matches between identifiers, beyond matches made using the customer’s own data
  • Additional information circulated by the vendor, both to refine the existing customer and prospect records and to inculcate new customers and prospects to the customer’s list.

Last words…

In spite of the recent developments, there’s still much work to be done in the Customer Database Platform. However, things are looking up as more and more people are getting interested in this technology.

We promise to keep you updated on this platform’s developments and as always if you hve any questions or need assistance with setting up a CDP for your business, we are just a message away.

Till then Stay Tuned!!

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