How Infusionsoft Can Benefit Your Dental Marketing Automation

Each and every single product and service needs smart marketing tactic to survive and grow. Dentistry is no exception here. Are you a dentist who is struggling to grow your practice and boost your referrals? Do you want to build trust in your practice? Do you want to help out the patient pool with your treatment recommendations? Do you want to reconnect with the patients who haven’t yet started with your treatments? Have you heard anything about dental marketing automation? Then, this is for you!

A brief about Dental marketing automation

about Dental marketing automation

This is the modern era; gone are the traditional practice days when dentists used to sit in their clinic and treat the patients who accidentally visit them. Max to the max, advertisements were carried out via customary channels like newspapers, televisions or local magazines. Now everything is available online, including the presence of dental clinics. For any query, any doubt, be it a toothache or cleaning of teeth – first of all, a user will run a Google search. And, based on the search results, s/he will dig further.

digital marketing practices

Dentistry has adopted digital marketing practices to quite a significant extent. Here, the marketing of a dental practice is done to educate existing and prospective patients about their services. The digital marketing services are quite common in dentistry. However, apart from website development, SEO and PPC, have you also considered dental marketing automation services? How can they benefit you?

Benefits of dental marketing automation

The right digital marketing strategies will help you get the patients. But, if you want brand awareness, effectiveness in driving the right patients to the practice and securing a positive ROI, you definitely need dental marketing automation services.

Benefits of dental marketing automation

Take a look at the straightforward benefits of dental marketing automation:

1. Convert your website traffic

However good, content-rich and aesthetic your website is – it is not enough to grow your dental practice. Through SEO and PPC, you would be able to drive relevant traffic to your website. But then what next? Is it enough for you? No, driving relevant traffic to your website is just one step towards great ROI on your dental marketing efforts. You, now, need to convert this traffic into your actual customers (here, service consumers i.e. patients).

First of all, you need to analyse who all are coming to your website, what all pages and content they are looking for. What kind of information they access or download from your website. You also need to check whether they are booking any appointments.

All these activities become super easy when you have marketing automation in place. Marketing automation platforms, inThe healthcare sector, open avenues for you to drive your potential patients to take real action.

2. Customised and more targeted responses

You have enough visitors visiting your website. And, based on your analysis, you have also figured out that they are hot leads. It means they can effortlessly be converted into your real patients. But, the real challenge falls now. The only truth you know at this point of time is everyone needs a dentist. How will you tackle each one of them? This is because not everyone would like to avail the same treatment from your dental practice.

For instance, some might want basic treatments like teeth cleaning or teeth whitening. Whereas, some might need advanced treatments like dental implants or dentures.Based on the data and analytics,

you can segment your leads in the following manner:
Segment A: People who need a dentist now for teeth whitening
Segment B: People who need a dentist now for dentures and dental implants
Segment C: People who might need to see a dentist in the future but not now
Segment D: People who are not at all thinking about visiting a dentist

If you fail to attract the hot leads with the right content, your game is over! You need to address their requirements differently. For instance, if your lead is a senior adult looking for dental implants, your message should be appropriate to him/her. And, if your lead is a young girl looking for cosmetic dentistry, your message should be customised and different from the former. How can you use this segmentation to grow your dental practice? Dental marketing automation services are inevitable here. These services help you segment your leads based on their needs and deliver them relevant, right and more targeted messages.

3. No burden on small team size

Unless you have a grand corporate dental setup, you need a helping hand to avoid burdens of your small team size. A single person cannot handle everything, starting right from explaining treatment requirements and procedures, booking appointments to sending them after-treatment patient care advises. Neither can you afford a big team to handle tasks individually.

To avoid this hosted and bustle and make processes more streamlined, you need to have marketing automation in place.

Recommended CRM – InfusionSoft services in your dental practice marketing

By now, you are aware that dental marketing automation services are must for the growth of your dental practice. And, there are many marketing automation tools and CRM available in the market. The immediate question falls here is which one is the best for you and why.

We recommend none other than Infusionsoft services for your dental practice.  Take a quick look at the benefits of employing Infusionsoft services as a dental marketing automation tool to promote your dental practice.

benifites of infusionsoft dental marketing automation


You can integrate AppointmentCore with Infusionsoft and enable patients to set up their consultation. You can create various time slots depending on your availability and buffer time between two back to back appointments. Your prospects (patients) can select a time slot and practitioner (if any) and book an appointment online. That’s how you can easily create an appointment in InfusionSoft. Hence, when someone schedules with you using AppointmentCore, the appointment will be automatically created in Infusionsoft for you. Using this appointment information, you can create automated processes that will help optimize and grow your dentistry practice.

Important note: Each Infusionsoft user can track their tasks and appointments through Infusionsoft.

 2. Send appointment reminders

appointment reminders dental marketing automation

Once the appointment is booked and entered into the system, the real game starts. Infusionsoft will send appointment reminders to the person who has booked a consultation. It will also send a copy of the same email or text to the staff members so that they are also updated. Just take care that the length of your reminder message is as crisp and clear as possible.

3. Request feedback and reviews

feedback and reviews dental marketing automation

It’s tough for any business to request feedback and reviews. Infusionsoft services ease your pain with almost zero effort. You can build a lead nurturing campaign wherein add a stage that shoots an email for feedback and reviews once the patient avails treatment or visits your clinic. You can redirect them either to your Facebook page or Google page. Remember, word-to-mouth is the best strategy for any practitioner. And these social proofs act as word-of-mouth in dental digital marketing.


At times, for any dental practitioner, it is challenging to control the drop-out ratio. For instance, your patient visits you to ask for an opinion about teeth whitening treatments. You recommended zoom teeth whitening based on his/her dental health and hygiene.  However, if the patient does not schedule to start, you can send follow up email reminders to start with the treatment, how it is beneficial, and what all can go wrong if the treatment is not done on a timely basis.

This all can be easily managed by updating your patient data in the practice management system. Infusionsoft can monitor overall appointments, treatment stage of the patient and detect the patients who are still idle and haven’t started with any treatments.

5. Ask for referrals: referrals are an essential part of building your dental practice. It can be earned by delivering services that patients are thrilled about. Further, you need to send reminders and offer incentives for those treatments. By making sure this happens every time for every patient, the number of referrals can only increase in your practice.


Along with growth, survival is also important. Similarly, along with treating new patients reconnecting with the old patients is equally important. Infusionsoft services help you out in reaching your old patients who haven’t turned up for a while. You can send them health tips, newsletters, or even festival greetings. Not necessarily they have to get treated from you all the time. But good relationships are a must. They can help you get the referrals and contribute indirectly to the growth of your dental practice. Not to forget – it also helps in upselling and cross-selling.

Closing thoughts..!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Given that Infusionsoft has so much potential to transform online businesses, there’s a lot of benefit to putting your money on the line as an incentive to make it work. If you still have some confusions in your mind or would like to learn more about how you can grow your dental practice using lifecycle marketing and dental marketing automation services, connect with us.

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