How Personalisation and Marketing Automation Work Together

Customers are tired of having random interactions with businesses. This leads them in a constant lookout for brands that understand their needs, concerns and challenges. They love to bring their business to companies that care.

Despite this fact, it is obvious that marketing automation isn’t going anywhere given the convenience and economical advantage. So the only logical conclusion is for businesses to figure out how to add that personalised touch to their automated marketing strategies.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few things your business could implement to inculcate personalisation in all their marketing tactics. These will allow all your business to gain an edge in this competitive market.

1. Convert with a personalized homepage

Your homepage is the first point of contact with your target audience. Therefore it goes without saying that it is made as engagement-centric as possible. If a landing page interests a possible lead, they’re going to enter their details and there could be a couple of checkboxes for them to pick before submission. for instance, users can select which topics they’re curious about, share where they’re located, or disclose their gender.

New customers that visit your company’s website could be prompted to enter in their email for an opportunity to receive some complimentary newsletters, a reduction on your products, or something else useful to them.

Convert with a personalized homepage

Once a user has visited your website and you’ve got some data on them, you’ll start sending emails that are customized for them. The received email marketing messages or newsletters, the automated email system will keep track of whether email messages from your company are opened, and which links are clicked. This adds even more data to your marketing campaign to supply a customised experience

2. Get more data to enhance personalisation

Companies that get their brand message exactly right, and understand their customers’ wants and wishes, are the kinds of companies which will achieve the longer term. that’s why having data about your customers is so integral to understanding their habits.

Get more data to enhance personalisation

Automating marketing campaigns for your business, like email campaigns, goes to enable you to proportion your email marketing efforts during a way you’ve never seen before. This leads to reaching a drastically larger audience and provides you with large amounts of valuable data about all of your different customer segments.

It is only by analysing customer data that your company can take things to the subsequent level in terms of sales, and it might be an enormous setback for any company to lose access to data that it takes an extended time to accumulate, segment and organise.

3.  Leverage your segmented data

Once you’ve got someone’s email address and you’ve segmented it into the right list, now the work begins. Now you’ve got to make and curate content specifically for that segment. Offering an evidence email may be a good way to answer customer questions while still engaging them personally. you’ll also send email reminders for them to end fixing an account.

Leverage your segmented data

If someone signed up for a campaign supported interest. They could want content that interest only. during which case, you would possibly send a triggered email if they unsubscribe from your campaign. This enables you to recapture that subscriber, or, at the very least, understand why they left.

Triggered emails like this are particularly good for segmentation. Because they need a 152% higher open rate compared to non-segmented emails.

4. Few more things you can do to personalise marketing automation

Aside from a newsletter or company updates, another effective method to spice up user engagement on your website is to supply a freebie or a reduction on your product or services. This helps you improve your customer segmentation and creates valuable leads, and builds rapport among potential customers by offering them something for free of charge before they even make a sale.

While personalization is vital, there’s a careful line that has got to be drawn to avoid making assumptions about your customer and revealing what proportion data you’ve got on them. It’s also important to not make assumptions supported a demographic.

It is suggested to supply targeted offers and messages to people who check in on your website supported the info you’ve got, and wait until more is understood about the actual customer and their needs before sending an email that’s more personalised.

And Lastly…

An automated email campaign is incredibly effective at helping your business increase engagement and generates sales. New email addresses that have just signed abreast of your website will receive an automatic welcome email introducing your company, or that explains how your service works for beginners or provides a basic overview of what you’ll offer.

In case you wish to implement highly personalised marketing campaigns for your brand or have any question just drop us a line and our team will be delighted to help you out.


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