How Infusionsoft Can Save Your Business

Before you even start reading this article, you must ask yourself this question.

How Customer-Centric Are You?

We ask you this since you are trying to explore the true power of Infusionsoft for your business. And this clearly shows that you wish to manage customer relationships with your brand in the best way possible, which is what Infusionsoft is all about.

One of the biggest problems any business owner faces is trying to maintain better customer relations and increase conversion rates, but failing to understand the consumer base from their perspective.

You might have even tried to enhance your lead generation processes, but have not been able to achieve the desired sales targets. Well, it is the right time to leap into the future of customer relationship management.

It’s true that Infusionsoft might not be the latest tech when it comes to CRM and there a many articles that have covered this topic, Furthermore, a lot of businesses are already using Infusionsoft as their core CRM to manage their customers.

Having said that it’s been observed that even though businesses are already using the CRM, they are failing to utilize its full potential which in turn affects their marketing capabilities. In this article, we are going to cover various functionalities of Infusionsoft that are going to streamline your customer management and skyrocket the digital marketing efforts for your brand.

So let’s get started, shall we!!

Note to Self: Do Not Forget to Strategize

As mentioned above, one of the major issues that businesses face is that even though they have a CRM in place for customer management, they are not able to truly connect with the customer or prospects where it matters the most.

Before exploring various Infusionsoft functionalities you need to map out the entire customer’s life cycle with regards to your product or services.

These are the steps that you should follow which designing your CRM strategy:

  1. Start by creating by a buyer persona if you don’t have one already. It is basically a virtual representation of your ideal buyer who would purchase your product or services.
  2. Now keep your buyer persona in mind and design a flowchart entailing all the steps through which your ideal buyer or prospect engages with your business. Try to be as thorough as possible and start from capturing all the lead entry points, to brand engagement, to how the purchase will be made, all the way to the WOW factors your brand uses to delight the customers after purchase. We recommend you use a flowchart making tool such as Lucidchart for designing the buyer’s journey.
  3. Now that you have created the buyer’s journey for all your established personas, the next step would be to apply tags on each and every step of the journey. We will be discussing the tagging logic more going further but for now you should know that these tags can derive useful information based on the actions taken by them on your site.
  4. Lastly, choose the medium which is best suited to communicate with the users and apply it through the Infusionsoft CRM
Infusionsoft strategy

Advanced Tagging Logic

All businesses keep a track of their prospects and customers in their database for various purposes such as managing logistics, remarketing or even to improve their product or service.

Implementation of Tags simply you track the common aspects of your prospects and customers and segment the contacts into very specific lists so that targeted marketing messages can be sent. But the challenge lies in figuring out the aspects that are worth tracking.

With the help of tagging logic we can not only find out what action the users have taken on the site but also deduce who they are as per the demographic profile, what is the user’s area of interest in your business, with the help of this data, we can map out the entire buyer’s journey within the Infusionsoft.

By using tagging logic you can create personalized marketing campaigns to meet the requirements of your business or brand and personalize your communications which are by far the best way to nurture your existing and potential clientele.

The Power of API Integration

Infusionsoft can help out your business by utilizing the immense degree of API customization through which you can connect your in-house software and technologies with the CRM. With this synchronization you can bridge the database of your in-house Application and Infusionsoft then you can transfer the most up to date customer back and forth between the API & CRM.

API Integration

If you are still confused let’s discuss an example shall we:

Cliniko is one of the most widely used medical assistant software used doctors around the world. It assists medical practitioners with a variety of daily tasks such as keeping track of patient’s medical history, scheduling the appointments etc.

By bridging Infusionsoft and Cliniko doctors can get new appointments, patients with Infusionsoft email marketing campaigns so that you can increase the revenue for their practice. This synchronization allows businesses to launch automated email campaigns based on patient’s behaviour, appointment time, buying habits, invoice requirement and so much more.

With Infusionsoft API integration, you can manage and control your entire sales cycle with the help of standardized REST APIs and share contacts, email lists, leads, companies, inventory and other details across all of the cloud services you use for your business.

The Better The Reporting The Better Business Efficiency

This is an undeniable fact, the more thorough and streamlined your business reporting analytics are the more efficiently you will be able to modify and adapt your business strategy as per the changing analytics. Hence steering your brand towards success.

Business Efficiency

However, Most of the online reporting and analytics tools lack flexibility. Analyzing and tailoring of those static data tend to consume a good amount of productive time. Well, this won’t be the case anymore if you can implement with the Infusionsoft marketing automation to create your own reporting parameters as well as for analytics and reporting tools, that can be completely customized to suit the specific requirements that your business or brand might have.


There you go, folks! We hope you got quite a few insight on what Infusionsoft CRM can you for your business however as you might have guessed by now that implementing the above-mentioned element with respect to your business is a difficult task.

It is highly recommended you hire an Infusionsoft consultant with expertise on the CRM, such as QL Tech who is a certified Infusionsoft partner and can help you Automate and scale your repetitive marketing tasks. Our Marketing Automation services especially focused on planning, execution, automation, and measurement of digital campaigns including entire setup and implementation of the user journey within the CRM.

In case you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us or book a free consultation online.

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