The Marketing Funnel

“Keep Counting Your Sale’s Entries”

If you’re savvy enough to build a strong sales foundation then marketing funnel is the process to make your vision a reality. With this PDF, you are about to unfold marketing secrets and a path to structure each phase that expands the bottom line of your business.

Elements that you’ll go through in this ebook?

  • Identifying channels & creating engaging ads.
  • Generating relevant lead magnets & driving customers towards it.
  • Engaging customers with tools like blogs, surveys & consultations.
  • Promoting customised offers for various categories. Such as strategies to up-sell products & services.
  • After-sales services for maintaining consistent connection via future campaigns & newsletters.

What this guide has to Offfer new

A funnel is used to track the steps that lead to conversion. This guide will help you learn how to create a marketing funnel that generates sales.

Four-week journey

How to create sales in less than four weeks?


What steps should you take to convert your browser(subscriber)into a buyer?


How will you spark an interest in a person to recognize his purchase needs?

Customer relationship

How will you establish an ongoing connection between your business and your customers?


How will you build a deeper relationship with your subscriber?


How will you maintain your engagement with the existing customers?

The Marketing Funnel

If you’ve spent any time learning about marketing analytics, you would have probably come across the term “funnels.” If you are curious about what Marketing Funnel is and how it works, this GUIDE is for you.