The Ultimate Guide To Assess Website & Business Activities

“Best approaches to apply on a business website”

You will get the latest information from this guide as it’s an attempt to compile the top-notch Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) algorithms to make your business activities profitable in every aspect. 

With this guide, you will learn to measure the quality of your website and manage the changes that are crucial for your business.

Elements that you’ll go through in this ebook?

  • The ranking of your website on Search Engine. Is it indexed in the top 10 or not?
  • Tools & technologies used to make your business website visible on Search Engines.
  • Know your domain. How to check your IP? What to do if your IP is blacklisted?
  • Is your business website capable enough to handle cross-browser compatibility?
  • Check markup validation of web documents including HTML & XHTML.
  • All about website speed loading time. Are your visitors happy when they interact with your website?

What this guide has to offer?

The assessment tools guide is a compilation of best tools available in the market to assess and evaluate your website and business across 8 segments.


Check your global website popularity based on number of visitors and pages visited by them.

Server details

Determine your hosting and IP address information. Cross – check for IP address blacklisting.

Technologies used

Uncover all technologies and frameworks used to develop the website.


Test if your website is responsive, mobile friendly & cross browser compatible.

Testing tools

Evaluate and test your website for W3C validations, landing pages, speed, and load times.


Check and assess your SEO. Look at specific opportunities to improve your ranking.

Content check

Determine whether your content is unique, non-plagiarized and free from grammatical errors.

Social authority

Assess your brand influence and grade your online impact across social media including FB and Twitter.

Guide To Assess Website & Business Activities

Your website is the Face of Your Business and a huge part of your marketing effort. The quality of your site is often a measure of the quality of your business.